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Bruin Instruments Corp. is a leading provider of Bruin Pumps chemical metering pumps and injection systems for the global oil and gas market. Bruin Pumps' complete engineering and manufacturing facility, designs, manufactures and markets the most reliable chemical injection pumps and pump packages on the market.

Bruin Instruments puts the customer first and delivers every time. From increasing reliability to reducing operating costs and green house gas emissions, customers count on Bruin Pumps to help them be market leaders.

Typical Applications of Bruin Pumps:

  • High Pressure Methanol Injection
  • Injection of corrosion inhibitors, de-emulsifiers, solvents, de-scaling agents into pipelines
  • Injection of soap surfactants and wellhead optimization fluids into producing wellheads
  • Chemical Dosing Pump
  • Chemical Metering Pump
  • Solar Chemical Pump Injection Skid Packages
  • Injection requirements at oil batteries, compressor stations, plants, etc.
  • Fluid transfer, glycol heat tracing, glycol circulation
  • Hazardous locations, Cl. 1, Div.1 & Div. 2 CSA Certified



  • Pneumatic Operated Chemical Injection Pump
  • Electric Operated Chemical Injection Pump
  • Solar Powered Chemical Injection Pump
  • Beam Pump Operated Chemical Injection Pump
  • Chemical Injection Skids / Portable Batching Packages
  • Double Diaphragm Pump

Sales and Service

  • Warren Rupp / Sandpiper
  • Sidewinder Chemical Pumps
  • Pumper Parts
  • SMC Air Preparation Equipment
  • Kimray Oil and Gas Production Equipment

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